Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deciding On Plastic Or Wooden Boards For Cornhole

When it comes to cornhole boards, there are two basic options for construction. The boards can be made of wood, or the boards can be made of plastic. The plastic cornhole boards are generally designed and sold in stores and on the Internet. The wooden cornhole boards are also created and sold this way. However, in addition to the commercial wooden cornhole boards, these kinds of cornhole boards can be made by an individual with basic skills and basic tools. There are plans that can be found all over the Internet, and these plans will help a person determine whether he or she wants to build a cornhole board on his or her own, or whether he or she would prefer to purchase one instead.

For those who have little to no woodworking skills, or for those who feel extremely uncomfortable working with their hands for fear of damaging the work, themselves, or both, there are cornhole boards which can be purchased. The wooden cornhole boards can be bought separately, or they can be purchased as part of a set. Either way, though, they are a big business and they are very popular in many parts of the country. These boards are made from good quality wood, and they are prepared with no sharp edges, splinters, or other issues that could cause a person a problem. This keeps people from getting hurt when they play cornhole, which is very important, especially in a game that many young children like to play. Parents who want to protect their children would certainly not want them to play with a wooden board that might cause them injury.

The plastic boards are thought to be better in some ways. Most of this comes from the fact that they have fewer issues with being left out in the weather. They cannot warp from rain or develop splinters, and they do not break, crack, chip, or get otherwise damaged as easily as the wooden boards do. They are also often a bit less expensive to purchase because they are also less expensive to make. The creation of plastic boards is relatively easy. However, there are some die-hard fans of the cornhole game who feel that these plastic boards are not the right ones to be used. They are concerned that they are too different from the way that the game was originally played. As such the game will be changed and the people who learn on a cornhole set with a plastic board will not have the same style and skill level as a person who learns to play the game on a cornhole set with a wooden board.

It would appear that the cornhole sets with the wooden boards are generally the only ones allowed in tournaments, but some individuals who organize cornhole tournaments change the rules or decide to do things differently, and plastic boards may gain more accepted use in the future. Regardless of whether they are used in tournaments, the plastic cornhole boards and the wooden cornhole boards are both very popular with people all over the country who like to play the cornhole game.

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