Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Lost My Dream

by Gerald Anthony

If you have ever traveled to a new city, it is never easy to find your way around. You may or may not purchase a map, but if you do you are constantly looking at it. There are certain stages of life where we seem to have gotten lost on life's map. For some individuals it may be after a family tragedy or career change. For others it may be with pregnancy, childbirth, or after marriage. Whatever the event or circumstance, you may think to yourself thoughts such as, "I have lost my dream." Here are three suggestions that won't solve your problem, but may help put you back on the map.

1- Pre-destination versus free will. There is a group of us that might consider that our lives are all pre-destined by a higher power. We have no control of our lives and therefore should just accept whatever comes our way. There is also another group that might consider our lives to be completely dependent upon what they want to do creating not only their own path but also their own map. What if both were true? What if you were pre-destined with certain skills and abilities, but at the same time given free will on how to use those ‘pre-destined' items? When you feel you have lost your dream, think about considering what you have been programmed to do as well as your next free choice in how to use your program.

2- Don't look back; opportunity is in front of you. This quote from Thoughts of the Day is a perfect description for what is our next step. In life we will loose opportunities due to circumstance, but we will also gain others from that same circumstance. Try to contemplate ways that your dream may be able to remain in existence, but probably with a different twist.

3- Give yourself time to process disappointment. It is a natural to have a feeling of disappointment when events do not go as planned. Give yourself time to process why do you feel this way, what led to this event, and eventually create a new plan to move forward. Recognizing feelings is not a bad thing in itself. However, we should not dwell on feelings to a point to where they control who we are.

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About The Author:

Dr. Gerald W. Anthony has a PhD in Counseling and is current President of The Faith Hope and Love Foundation. He enjoys languages, cultures, and helping others.

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