Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Birthday Party: Another Great Excuse For Cornhole

For many people, a birthday is a great time for celebration with family and friends. Individuals who are celebrating a loved one�s birthday have surprise parties, take people out to eat, have barbecues, plan games, and do all sorts of enjoyable things. One of the things that many people do, especially in areas of the country where it is deemed more popular, is to play the cornhole game. Not everyone knows it by that name, of course. Some people call it the beanbag toss. There are actually a few variations, but it is essentially the same game. Most people played it in their school physical education class, but a lot of them have not played it since that time. For individuals who still enjoy playing the cornhole game, however, a birthday party can be a great place to play it.

In order to play cornhole at a birthday party, there has to be enough room. The cornhole game itself does not take up that much space. However, room is needed to make sure that the player can stand far enough away from the board to comply with the rules. In addition, nice weather is needed. No one wants to stand outside and play the cornhole game in the rain, or in extremely high or very low temperatures. The game can cease to be fun that way. For people who have large, enclosed porches or homes that are big and open enough, it is possible to play the cornhole game indoors. Of course, the risk of something breaking or getting damaged rises when a person does this, but careful planning can allow for it in many cases. One of the best things about the cornhole game is that anyone of any age can play it.

The rules are not difficult and the game is not physically strenuous. The cornhole bags are lightweight, and they are tossed gently. Everyone from a very young child up through people in their eighties and nineties can enjoy the cornhole game and not worry about being injured or leaving people out. This is one of the reasons that the cornhole game has remained popular for such a long period of time. It is also why support for it as an actual sport is growing, and there are many tournaments that are held each year in various states for those who wish to play the cornhole game competitively. For people who just like to play cornhole at a birthday party or other event, however, there are ways to make it even more fun. People can pair girls against boys, older people against youngsters, or any combination that is agreed upon. In addition, small prizes and treats can be given out to the winner, so that there is some incentive to succeed.

For very young children, though, it may be best to have a �prize� for everyone who participates, to help build self esteem and confidence. When planning the next birthday party, why not try the cornhole game. Sets can be purchased easily and inexpensively online.

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