Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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"Volvo, what is it and how does it develop? Well, we already know that it is a manufacturer, but where he had come, not too familiar. Let's learn to learn more about the car. Seen on the road, no matter where you are, you must not on the question of the history of Volvo. Well, if you have or not, we hope you find something The short history.
The Volvo Group
1927. It was the first year, the Volvo group is in existence. The group is a leading Swedish supplier is not only to the Strait of automobiles. They were also on trucks, buses, construction equipment, aviation and industrial training systems. Only 1926, that things but shoves. They had for the whole last year and scored 10 prototypes. It is then that the plan for a car manufacturer has become a reality. "

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