Sunday, February 17, 2008

SEOContest2008 Unfinished Post for JR SEOContest2008 Blog

It was a tiring day for me yesterday. I spent all day and all night long writing articles for my websites and it took my time and still not able to finish all my pending jobs. My eyes almost blurted due to the 18 hours exposure from the computer screen. It was really a productive and strenuous day yesterday.

I was supposed to write a post in my JRSEOContest2008 blog which I used as my entry in the UK’s SEOContest2008. I was not able to do that anymore because I could hardly open my eyes last night, which was about 3:45 in the morning. This is my first time to join a contest like this but I find it challenging and interesting.

This morning, I check the rankings in Google if my blog is already listed in the pages if I type in the keyword SEOContest2008. I am very glad to see that after a day, I am already part of the list. Yes, it is really good to see beating up other participants just after few hours of preparation. This SEOContest2008 is really giving me a bump and I am really challenge on how will do about my skills in terms of search engine optimization.

Again, good luck to each of the participants on the SEOContest2008.

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